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Do you carry a spare shield? Or do you carry a clear shield for nighttime riding and a dark shield for daytime? Then you probably worry about how to keep it free from scratches while itís packed in your saddlebag or tankbag with all your other stuff. If youíre like most people, you stick it in an old sock and hope for the best, because you know one scratch and it's ruined. But with the Face Shield Protector from MotoEquip, you can pack your shield with confidence.

The Face Shield Protector puts a layer of neoprene padding between your shield and other objects. Its one-size-fits-all design stretches to fit virtually any full-face helmet shield. The neoprene is lined with woven nylon for a smooth, scratch-free surface. A white ID box below the logo lets you label which shield is inside (clear/dark, his/hers, etc.). And the Face Shield Protector comes in your choice of Black, Red or Blue.

With new face shields costing as much as $80 these days, protect your investment and get the longest possible life out of it with the MotoEquip Face Shield Protector.